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CiviMed addresses common bottlnecks and painpoints that exist throughout the entire patient provider journey through a thoughtful combination of technology and human intervention that delivers the speed and accuracy of a machine with the intuition and compassion that only a human can provide.

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WelcomeWare is a web based platform that allows remote receptionists to facilitate faster and more accurate patient check ins using secure video chats and automated patient intake forms that are completed using a scan of each visitors ID and insurance card.

DataChute is a best in class voice to EMR solution that significantly reduces time spent by providers on note entry. Organizations that adopt our services observe significant improvements in accuracy and compliance, which contributes to faster claims and payment processing.

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The Back Pain Alliance (BPA) is devoted to improving the way that back pain is treated. BPA’s innovative AI solution provides practitioners who treat you with information that can supplement their expertise resulting in improved evidence based treatment.

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