What Sets Us Apart

From the beginning, we wanted not just to create

a company, but to create something remarkable.

A company that would create value for others,

a sense of purpose for its employee, and

to give 10% to charity.

We’re driven by
our values

Sustaining a business for the long haul requires honesty, integrity and mutual respect. We not only try to live up to these standards, our managers recite a brief pledge to these principles and “doing the right thing,” twice a month.

We believe that doing our best as a team to live up to these principles will lead to solid, long term financial returns and therefore will enable us to provide secure employment to those who commit to them.

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Customer Excellence

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Trust & Mutual Respect

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Personal and intellectual integrity

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Giving back in a meaningful way

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Buy Forward

In 2000, well before the “Corporate Social Responsibility” trend emerged, the founders of Civicom committed the new company to giving 5-10% of profits to worthy causes. They wanted to combine the pursuit of business success with helping people. By making it explicit and permanent, they embedded the principle into the DNA of the company.

This is not just “CSR.” A commitment of 5-10% goes well beyond the usual token corporate contribution. More importantly, it wasn’t designed to be a marketing ploy; it’s more about who we are than something we’re doing — a part of the root structure of the tree we wanted to grow, not a grafted-in branch.

By working with Civicom Global, you are buying it forward. Read more at www.buyforward.org

Connecting distant people to enable 100% direct charity

Helping make the world a better place in more significant and authentic ways. Feathers allows you to support people that are in extreme involuntary poverty.

Most of Civicom’s donations go to Feathers Project. Feathers uses technology to connect distant people to allow 100% direct charity to happen. Corporate volunteer stewards help in vetting Feathers’ beneficiaries, and in ensuring integrity in the process.

What makes Feathers unique is that sponsors from all over the world and beneficiaries from a developing country can now meet each other – virtually, via web conference.

Join us in making the world a better place. To learn more visit www.feathersproject.org

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Client Appreciation

From brands, businesses and individual, users benefit from our streaming services around the world!

it's just fantastic!

Working with the Civicom Global team is one of my favorite things about my job. You are all fantastic and it is just such a positive experience, and it is just the best partnership. Everyone that I speak to, that’s not just me, but when I speak to other teammates in the states and in Europe and the crew in Asia Pac, we get nothing but positive feedback all the time and everyone has really great things to say about it. It’s been a few years now with me working with you guys and it’s just fantastic. I’ve also just really enjoyed it and look forward to expanding the relationship. Thanks to all of your hard work, all of you. You are an absolute pleasure to work with. 

— Largest U.S. Bank

Quick Turnaround

Thank you very much for your amazing, quick turnaround on the many projects I sent. You say it’s just your standard. I think your standard is very high, and you guys exceed your high standard, and I’m grateful for all that you do helping me and the team.

— Incapital

Thanks so much for making us better!

Thank you so much. Sorry for all of the details and stops and starts I sent your way for this project.I hope everyone there is terrific. I really appreciate all of your help. Thanks so much for making us better.

Top 100 Firm on Forbes World’s Most Valuable Brands

Wonderful! Thank you!

We were very surprised and please how easy it was to have a conference call recorded! Within a few minutes after the call concluded, I received an email with a digital file of the call. I was able to forward it immediately to those who missed the call. Wonderful! Thank you!

— International Christian Advocacy Organization

exceeds expectations!

We would recommend Civicom to other companies in the market for a long term provider that performs at a level of excellence and reliability that consistently meets or exceeds expectations.

— Top Three Global Marketing Research Company

Effectiveness has never been better!

Our ability to measure and analyze the sales team’s activity and effectiveness has never been better. Users love the service because it has reduced the time they spend on entering better quality notes by over 75%, while also making it easier to use their CRM to schedule follow-up activities for their internals and minimize missed opportunities. Now, more of the sales team’s time is spent talking to clients, which benefits their client and the company. It is rare to find such win-win scenarios.

— Large Investment Firm

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