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Hey DAN is a customized voice to CRM solution that tackles virtually all data capturing needs – from the start of a client interaction all the way through the follow-up action items – with one quick recording. This process includes client profile changes (if necessary), follow-up action items, pipeline opportunity entry, literature requests, expense capture, and anything else your organization may require. Hey DAN enables your organization to ensure high customer satisfaction while allowing you to capture meaningful information to improve the sales and marketing strategy. Read on to learn about some of the ways Hey DAN assists its existing clients.
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What is Voice to CRM

The idea of voice to CRM is simple. You dictate to your phone, the audio file is processed, the data is parsed and the information is placed into your CRM.

The key to a successful implementation of voice to CRM is ease of use. The user should only have to speak. That’s it. There should be no need to clean the content, to modify and confirm the parsing of the data and there should be no additional buttons or clicks required to commit the information to the CRM.

Who is Hey DAN

Companies valued over $8 trillion rely on Hey DAN services like voice to CRM to reduce operating costs, improve their ability to forecast sales opportunities and to increase sales. Hey DAN has been delivering measurable results for over 15 years.

What does Hey DAN do?

Hey DAN combines the latest advancements in AI with human intuition. This enables us to deliver unparalleled accuracy, speed and timeliness of data entry and data workflows. Hey DAN supports client-facing sales reps all the way to back office support teams at a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house. Book a demo to see how it’s done!

Why Hey DAN?

Achieve dramatic efficiency improvements across repetitive and time consuming business processes such as CRM database, expense management tools or marketing automation platforms. Our unique approach can be deployed to address a wide array of issues, offers best in class launch times, consistently provides significant reductions in cost and helps improve revenue recognition.

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The service is dependable and simple to use! The best customer service sometimes is the service that is under the radar and you never give it a second thought because it works the way it was intended.
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